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All software below is available for download/usage for FREE. If you enjoy the software or find it useful, please consider making a donation ($5 or more). Each software product is fully functional and donations are not mandatory, though appreciated. (Donations help fund further software development and hosting of this website.)

Note: The software below are NOT public domain, but licensed for free usage from Inter-Active Arts. You may freely give away copies of the program but not charge for them in any way, shape or form. All programs are provided "as is."

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The products below make School TV Production a breeze. All products are designed to work under Windows.


Scrolling Message Clock

This scrolling message clock can be customized with a background image of your school. It features the day, date and time, as well as a scrolling message that repeats over and over. It is designed to run continuously on a closed-circuit TV broadcast throughout a school or organization. (Read More)


Never forget your lines again by using this teleprompter during a live (or recorded) TV broadcast. The teleprompter is actually a part of the CG-Plus! Product. (Read More)


Easily call up computer graphics, PowerPoint Presentations, video segments, and even webpages, CG-Plus! also includes the ability to call up sound/music fx on demand. This product is intended for LIVE TV Production but can be used to produce recorded segments as well. (Read More)


These programs are designed to save time and make life easier. All products are designed to work under Windows.

Photo Calendar

Get organized with this very easy to use Windows Desktop Photo Calendar. The program allows you to insert your own pictures and even includes an alarm clock/timer so you don't miss your appointments! (Read More)

Screen Saver Creator

Create and distribute your own screen savers using this program. (Read More)

Freedom Bot

Break away from addictive games such as World of Warcraft by allowing this robot to play the game for you. The robot isn't that smart, but using this robot to help you break your addiction is! (Read More)

World TV

This program turns your computer into a World TV Receiver. Watch TV, music videos, and news from around the world for FREE. (Read More)


The games below were written in the days of DOS and will need to be run from a DOS emulator, such as DOSBOX:

Munch Man

Gobble the dots and avoid the ghosts in our unique version of the popular "Pac Man" clone genre. What makes this version unique is the variety of scrolling mazes and two player head-to-head option, with one player controlling a ghost! (Read More)

Legend of the Silver Talisman

Play head-to-head with or against a friend in this gauntlet-style game with RPG elements. Seek out the Legendary Silver Talisman and save the world from total distruction. (Read More)