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Munch Man

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Munch Man is our version of the arcade classic game but with a twist! Munch the dots and avoid the ghosts...but this time...one of the ghosts can be controlled by another player! Features include: head-to-head gameplay, numerous mazes and super cheats!

The version of the game being featured here only works under DOS and is being given out as FREEWARE. As such, the product is being released "as is" with no technical support available. To speed up or slow down the game, use the "+" and "-" keys located on the keypad. To put the game into CHEAT MODE, press "ALT-I-A" at the same time. You may then press "F1" for free men, "F11" for Invincibility, "F12" to cancel Invincibility, and ENTER to warp to the next level.

Sample Screens (Click to Enlarge)

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