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Legend of the Silver Talisman

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Legend of the Silver Talisman is a fast-paced, arcade-action, fantasy role playing game, similar to the Atari coin-op, Gauntlet. This game features a dual, 4-directional scrolling screen and allows up to two players to play at the same time. Seek out the Legendary Silver Talisman and save the world from an eternity of Chaos!

The version of the game being featured here only works under DOS and is being given out as FREEWARE. As such, the product is being released "as is" with no technical support available. To speed up or slow down the game, use the "<" and ">" keys on the keyboard. To put the game into CHEAT MODE, press "ALT-F4" and you will receive powerup armour, as well as health and maximum potions.

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